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Friday, November 11, 2011

Shedding Pain, Worry, Guilt & Shame

 I was out walking my dog Marley this morning and had such an AHA moment!  With it being a chili 34 degree's I was real hesitant about it, but my gut instinct told me to go for it anyhow. After all, God knows I need the exercise! Anyhoo, looking at all the tree's and the leaves on the ground got me thinking about something... The tree's were bare, tons of leaves on the ground and I started thinking, WOW...It is amazing how all these tree's have shed their leaves, bet they are pretty cold right now! Then I thought to myself, Cate, they will be fine, they are just shedding the old, to get ready for the new budding and flowering for spring.  OK, so this was my AHA moment.
Every New year, every spring, all we hear about is this.  New year, new you!  Spring is here, time to re bloom and get your life/goals/dreams together.  Well ya know what, I think it should start NOW.  We are here because of nature and this earth, and I think we should LEARN from it, more then we do.  The tree's and plants are SHEDDING their "yuckiness" NOW.  It is November, close to the holidays, cold and dreary. I believe this would be the perfect time, to start shedding OUR "yuckiness" as well.  Let's see... The year is about over.  Do you have any regrets?  Sure you do!  SHED them.  DO you have any guilt or feel some sort of shame for anything?  Maybe..Maybe not..If you do, SHED that too! DO you have unforgiveness or some sort of pain in your heart?  Shed that as well.  The Holidays are for Thanks, RIGHT?  We become thankful for our family, friends, what we have... Well, Why don't we ever Thank and appreciate OURSELVES a little more.  SHOW THE HOLIDAYS!  Show your family, friends and YOURSELF how very self-loving you can be. Show off your uniqueness! Your SHINE... Start the new year, new you makeover now!
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