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Monday, November 14, 2011

OWN Who You Are

Found this over @ Karen Salmansohn's Blog!  Gotta LUV this girl!

We live in a world where we can become like robots, conditioned to believe in certain ideas of what is “right” and what is “wrong.” We become disillusioned to believe that there is one kind of pretty, one kind of business model, and one kind of perfect man/woman. Good news. It’s not so.
The truth is, this place we call earth, is very complex and mystical. It can’t be separated into wrong or right, or this way or that way. Real life lives in the cracks and pauses…in the moments of stillness and the songs that the earth sings that you can only hear in quiet moments with your heart. This life is a full spectrum of wonderful colors and things beyond our wildest dreams. Animals that can speak, dogs that can count, people without legs who can win Olympic championships, victims of abuse who can transform pain into inspiration. Life is full of strange and miraculous events – as are we.
We must go inward to discover our own unique path – messy, delicious, hurtful, depressing, joyful as this path may be. This unique path is your core self – your true self. This core self must not be compromised by anyone else’s visions. Your core self is your life force, your energy, the thing that moves you and lifts your spirit – the thing that ignites your spark. Don’t dim it for anyone. And definitely don’t apologize for it. Simply OWN IT!
See, life is made up of stories, of experiences,of ways in which we perceive those experiences, of people and connections or lack thereof. It’s all about the small moments. The smells, and that one song that played on your prom date that still gives you butterflies 15 years later. Life is a beautiful web. Your unique story makes you,YOU! So go ahead and cherish it, swim in it, spread your unique vibe with the world by just OWNING who you are!
Become a cosmic explorer of your own life. Observe with a loving eye, all that makes you, you. The hardships, the joys, the passions, the views. Go deep in there. Take a flashlight and shine light on all of it. Don’t try to be cute and only own the studious, outgoing, courageous, big hearted loving person. Own the bitchy, the cranky, the vindictive, jealous, sometimes needy, angry part of you too. By shining light and owning all of you, this is how you become WHOLE. So get excited to own all of you, you cosmic superstar you!
by Christine Gutierrez,Founder of Sacred Space, www.sacredspacenyc.org.

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