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" My lifelong dream is for every girl to unleash their wounds, heal their scars and to turn their lives and bodies into inner passion & unlimited possibility"- Catie

My Story... Part 2

I have always been able to connect with people. Some tried to motivate me, some tried to guide me and inspire me. It was clueless to me, how perfect strangers, could care for a person like me, whom they just met, but My own family could not. I wasn't a bad person.  BUT, I guess I just wasn't ready. My heart was still breaking- never healing.
Self- destructing all those years. I had a wake up call one morning. I had to get my act together, not for me, per say, but for my other 2 children who needed me. I wanted to be there for them, I wanted to live , so i could see them grow. They needed the mommy, that I hadn't been.
Through all my experience, of course i doubted my faith. I was angry with the world, I was angry with GOD. I had been exploring my faith and spirituality for many years. Studying everything from hinduism, to buddism, to shamanism... I found pure passion and love for every faith and walk of life. So what i have to say now is, there is no label attached to my spirituality. I mainly continue to study shamanism, but i can say this..  GOD will always be my co-pilot.
I am awake now. No, not fully, but i do have self-love. No-one ever heals completely, we just must stay on the right track. I am a courageous girl. I have learned to be gentle, caring, soulful and evolving. Always evolving.
I am currently writing a book, but until its done, you can download chapters month by month. My E-courses I offer is to inspire you to get on the path that took me over 30 years to reach. You are beautiful, Lets start your journey- to radical self-enchantment.

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