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" My lifelong dream is for every girl to unleash their wounds, heal their scars and to turn their lives and bodies into inner passion & unlimited possibility"- Catie

My story.. Part 1

My story begins with my parents love affair. Jay and Ann. He was a railroad worker, she... well, she was a hippie! A true gypsy in the sense.
Jay went away to work one day, Ann.. she just took off with my sister and went away. I was 3 months old. She just left me there, in my crib alone. No-one knows exactly how long I was there by myself. My aunt and uncle came and got me after a call from the neighbors. They adopted me, and raised me for the next 18 years.
They told me, I was adopted, when i was 14 years old. My life tragically changed that day. Instant hatred, self-pity, confusion... How can a parent just leave a newborn baby, leave her there to just die? I lost all self-esteem, no more dreams, no more smiles, just a destroyed little girl- so lost. For the next 30 years, I was lost,
I started traveling when i turned 18. I had the gypsy free-spirit that my biological mother gave to me. Discovering my gypsy roots, traveling all over the place, meeting a lot of beautiful people, many great adventures, and some not. Until this past year, my gypsy heart was certainly not ready to commit to anything. Not one location, not one man, not as a sister, a mother or friend.. Not even my destiny. I wasn't meaning to be selfish, I just did not feel like I was special enough- I didn't deserve to be any of those. So many people in my life abandoned me! I didn't deserve love. I had a son, who at 19, committed suicide. My daughter, just a year before was kidnapped by her father and taken away from me. 6 months after my son dies, my nephew was killed.
This is when i became to truly realize how strong i was. With the Grace of GOD, i kept up my strength. Oh, and with the numbing of red wine and marlboro lights.
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