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" My lifelong dream is for every girl to unleash their wounds, heal their scars and to turn their lives and bodies into inner passion & unlimited possibility"- Catie

Heartbreak Stories

I do not remember where I found this, but I have had it for a while. Worth reading!
Please do not hold my hand, if you mean to let go someday..
Please do not give me sweet nothings, if you only mean them, as remembrances..
Please don't treat me special, If you're only being nice..
Please don't tell me you will miss me, because I may not have the guts to leave..
Please don't ask if i miss you, because I already do..
Please don't hold me tight, because I might not want to let go..
Please don't be so loveable, if you're loved by someone else..
Please don't ask me to stay, when you know I am about to leave..
Please don't tell me that I am amazing, when you don't plan to make me yours..
Please don't wake me up everyday, because I am getting used to it..
Please don't be so caring, because I will miss that when you are gone..
Please don't be sad when I am not around, because I will be sad too..
Please don't be so wonderful, when I know you will never be mine..
And please, please, don't act like or tell me that you love me... because I just might believe it... and fall...
This poem is kinda depressing, but so many girls feel this way. We have all been hurt before, and we are afraid to open up and let love in, again.  But just know, those bandages, those wounds, are just LIGHT, an opening to heal and let others love you.
Hugs & fairydust,

Thanks alexis Mire & LeLove


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