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Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Stories

Most info here from: Brene Brown- One of my many angels

Courage: In latin, means KUR. Which translates into heart/speak your mind, wth your heart.

Alhough most people do not translate it like this these days. Most say that this word mens BRAVERY. Which yes, is basically the same thing, and I will explain why...

It's all about telling our story... We, as people are wired to tell our story. We were not born to keep secrets. It's sad, but our culture has made us afraid to tell our stories.

Our culture is full of fear.  The media has done this to us, along with too many bad opinions from society. Way of thinking. 

We don't tell our stories, because we are afraid of not fitting in, beng accepted.

You have the media, trying to tell us how we should look, feel,  walk, talk, jobs we should have, how many babies we should be having, what kind of house we need to live in, etc.. The list goes on and on.

It's a shame, it's sad.

It's a shame, because society is getting more and more depressed , more and more teen girls, are not only committing suicide, but cutting, rebelling by running away, getting pregnant, quitting school, etc.. Why?  Because not only do they not feel good enough, but because they are having a hard time " speaking their voice".  Why ?  No-one listens anymore...

We feel like communication on our feeings, is a weakness. We hold things inside, that shouldnt be held there. It not only messes with us mentally, but physically as well.

So how do we overcome this fear of speaking from our heart?  Telling our stories?

Courage... We need to get thru to our culture and let everyone know, I am PROUD of my stories, I am Proud of who I am.  Listen up!

Don't be afraid of not fitting in... What IS fitting in?  The house, the car, the job, the clothes, the body???

Let me tell ya a little secret, If you are not happy with yourself, if you aren't LETTING it out, your story, than believe me, none of that material stuff matters. None of it.  You can be SUPERFICIALLY happy, sure... But you are letting your soul suffer... For what?  Acceptance from society.

In the end, none of this will matter.

Share your IMperfections, embrace them.

Believe you ARE enough!

Discover the Joy, the happiness, that you deserve.

Stop trying to be like someone else. You are unique and you have gifts, that were only given to you, to embrace, to share.

Live out loud!!!!!!!!!

Say " hell yes" to life, to your stories, to your heart.

Hugs & fairydust,


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  1. Well said! Have you heard of the book "Awakening The Essential Feminine?"
    http://www.theessentialfeminine.com and also you might like Jeff Brown's teaching.
    Namaste, following your site and you on the Blogfrog.