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Monday, March 7, 2011

Leaps of Faith

I have to tell you, If it wasn’t for HAVI and Selma, I would not be where I am today. Not only where I am as in VIRGINIA, but a lot of where I am, emotionally. Thru my life coach training and lots of books, I have always been bombarded with “leap, and the net will appear” kind of stuff. But like Havi says, thinking about jumping off clips, taking leaps of faith, etc… Is well. Freaking terrifying.

It’s not really helpful, or necessary…. Those words burned right thru me, and left a permanent TATOO on my soul.  She is so right, its NOT necessary. What good is it, to have that feeling of fear. Hell, For so long, I have been afraid to take any LEAP. Sure, people say, that the NET will be there, or have FAITH.

Honestly, there is no reason that I can think of to have to work through that much fear. It just doesn’t make sense — and it’s totally unfair.( this is Havi, talking again here)

 It’s unfair, to feel so damn AFRAID of making a next step, especially when your internal or external angels and guides are telling you to get off your ass and just do it.  They are behind you all the way.  Trust them, your feelings and your intuition.  That’s the only faith I have now, my own intuition.

I look back at myself,  look at myself just a month ago.. scared to death, depressed, anxious.  All because I was afraid to trust my gut and just leave. “what if the net wasn’t there? What would happen? 

Now I just laugh at all that worry and anxiety and all the tears of being PETRIFIED, to make the move out of such a toxic place for me.  Faith didn’t get me here, the airplane did, my motivation did, my CHOICE, my decision, to finally get up the nerve to leave my comfort zone.  I did it.. ( My angels are partying hardy right now)

I am  not saying here, to have no faith, I am not saying that at all. I am just trying to tell you, the FEAR… Of leaving your comfort zone, the fear of not knowing what may happen, or if you will be able to survive and go on…Is Bullshit. Look that fear in the face and tell it to go straight to Hell…

That fear is your INNER vampires, just fucking with you.

You have the RESPONSIBILITY to be all you can be., right here, right now.

Go for It. Life is waiting for you. Give the universe a reason to sit up and party!

SO I leave you a quote from my cosmic twin, Sera Beak:

“ To all, who are afraid to show their true self- their true spirit that pulses passionately and playfully within, I have something to relay:  ECTASY CALLED… She wants her energy back.. with interest.

Hugs & fairydust,


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  1. LOVE IT! This is great and so so true! I am so happy for you that you FINALLY took that GIANT leap - for YOU! I am so very proud of you and I know that YOU will be just FINE! You have such defined determination and passion about what you want to do - not only for yourself, but in LIFE!
    You have such remarkable and special talents that you are going to help so many people - in so many ways. You will help so many others take that LEAP - to a better life, a safer life for some. You are going to be such a wonderful inspiration for so many!

    I love you!