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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What is YOUR purpose?

This may not be the smartest thing to do, But I am feeling a little frisky today. It's weird to feel extremely happy and so much sorrow at the same time. So I am going to share my innermost feelings today.

I have met some beautiful people in the blog world lately, who have totally turned my life around. Last week, for the 2nd time I read Debbie Ford's book, The dark side of the light chasers. This book will totally transform your life.  With getting back into my yoga and meditation, things just have seemed to be coming together for me, in so many ways. It has everything to do with, opening your heart and your mind. Getting rid of your shadows, learning forgiveness, and finally accepting the great divine that is within you. When you do that, all the doors start opening so fast, you don't know where to begin.

When you finally know, well ACCEPT... ( For I have known for some time ) when you realize and accept your purpose in this life, it will make you cry. Tears of happiness of course. Well, I can't even really say that it's happiness as much as it is relief. You soul just FEELS that it is so right. It's one of the best feelings in the world. Although I did kind of get upset for a second or two, because I thought that I have wasted so much time and energy in other things I thought I should be doing. But It was only for a quick minute. Because... If I hadn't of done all those things I wouldn't be as strong as I am today, as knowledgable, and TRULY on my Life's path of helping others.

I am a healer. I have always been one. Since as far back as I can remember. I am a victim of abandonment and abuse. I chose to work with these types of women and children over the years, to only find it extremely devastating, because of the system. Nothing seemed to work out for these people. Whether it was not enough shelters, foster parents, whatever. I have not been fortunate enough to take these people into my home, like I wanted to on many occassions trust me. But I did take every single one into my heart. No, I cannot save all of them, but I am on a mission, to try and help save at LEAST one at a time.

I have been a writer all my life as well. I started a novel years ago ( only to have it destroyed by my ex husband ) . I have started over on many occassions. But after my epiphany last week, I have put it aside to write other things. I am starting a book for teenage girls. Ya know, there are places you can go to donate to Domestic violence, child abuse, etc.... But what does that do? I sure know one thing.  In the 5 states I have lived in, there were MINIMAL resources for these victims. Claiming that the state does not have enough funds for these things. So this is my calling. I am going to teach girls, hopefully at a young age, to love and cherish themselves. To get to the core of their being, their soul, their heart. That is the first step. If they learn now, then For the majority of them, I am thinking that it will prevent them from being a victim of Domestic Violence. Why?  Because they will be strong and courageous. They will have enough self esteem and self respect to NOT get involved with someone who treats them badly. And if they do, of course not always knowing the "bad side" of all people, they will at least have the courage to LEAVE a situation if that occurs. After working with many women who have been victims, nothing irritated me more, or made me more sad, then them STAYING. Having 1000's of excuses why they could not leave. Again, My calling is to PREVENT this horrible violence and abuse, as much as I can. The young girls these days.... So many have broken homes, are victims of abuse from parents and boyfriends, are having babies way to young, so many are taking their own lives, because they see no way out, or see themselves unloved and useless. There was a 39 % increase in the year of 2009 of TEEN parents applying for welfare benefits.

 As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, you must have PASSION for what you are doing. I do. Sometimes I think way too much!  So wish me luck on my new journey.
Hugs & Fairydust,

P.S Here are a couple of the women who truly helped me!

juliekrull.com ( gotta read her everyday)
mandalareflections.com - Michele Edwards Harshenin- she is AMAZING!

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  1. Beautiful post. And I have to agree, the resources and support aren't there for anyone, even the children. It's very frustrating. And I commend you for being someone who survived a tough childhood and wants to turn it around to help others. I have met others who become abusers...I adopted one and she abused everyone in her path because she was so broken. It takes a strong soul to not go down that path and do the right thing.

    Namaste, Ronni