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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just Let Go

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I am one to admit, for so long, I lived in the past. I lived with shame and self-hatred, for so many things that happened to me and what i did or didn't do. When my son committed suicide, for years I thought It was all my fault. I blamed myself, for not being a good enough mother. When my daughter was kidnapped from me, and I had to leave my other son, to go search for her.... It was my fault. She was taken from me, because I didn't deserve her. I left my son with my mom, to go find her. I had thought I didn't deserve him, either.

The point... All these tragic things happened to me ( and i hate this cliche) FOR A REASON.. But I don't know how else to put it. I have tried to fight my inner shadows ( ego) on this for some time now, but cannot quite shake it off. Through my psychology and life coaching classes, i heard a thousand times... You go through things, you go through pain, heartbreak, devastation.... You experience all that, because it drives you to your passion, your purpose here on earth. You couldn't tell me all that just a year ago, no way, I would have told you to go away, and in my mind, probably would have slapped you into another universe. ( Although , i am NOT a violent person) just still in so much pain over everything. SO to make this short today, I am just stressing to you, To please let the past go. Forgive yourself, for any mistakes you think you have made. Forgive others. Oh my GOSH that is the hardest thing to do! But it can be done. It's almost a new year. Do not start it off, with any regret or harsh feelings towards anyone, but most importantly... yourself. 

My passion and purpose here, is to help teen girls discover who they are. Hopefully, I can reach out to girls from the age of 3 or so. When they can learn to read, and really listen. I have reached out, contributed to, etc... many abuse and domestic violence causes but I am here to help these girls, from moment one KNOW who they truly are and who they can be.In My heart, I know this is the REAL PREVENTION of all the nasty abuse. We can donate money everyday to all the causes, but I don't see how this really helps. It may help by providing shelter and counseling, sure... But i am here, to get to the root of the problem. Helping Girls & women know they have a choice. The choice to discover their true inner being, to have so much self love, that not even the wildest Tiger can hurt her.
 I only wish I had known this stuff at an early age. I wouldn't have gone through as much as i did.  STRONG, COURAGEOUS, SELF LOVING. This is what it is all about. No girl of mine, will put up with any abusive person. They are going to have the strength to let go and walk away. Just like I am asking you now. LET GO of the past, just walk away... Your future is waiting. The universe needs you. We all need you, to become the happy, wonderful Goddess that you are!!!!!!!!!!


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