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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Celebrating Life


I am celebrating my 45th birthdday on thursday. Well, not really celebrating, I have to work, and prabubly will just come home and write. Or watch Tv. No, I will most likely be doing homework.
Anyhoo. I stopped even acknowledging my birthday after i turned like 30 or something. I guess just always wanting to bury the fact, that I was getting older, and basically doing nothing with my life! I was failing as a parent, which is the worse feeling any mom could feel.

Guess what? Not this year. This year, I am going to celebrate like I have never before.

 WITHIN myself. It has been a long hard road, full of loss, loving and learning. 3 things that i believe every soul should feel. For many years, I not only lost family members, friends, etc.... I lost myself. Well, cant really say that either, for the fact that I dont even know if i ever belonged to myself. - to lose.

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  1. I think even though you have kids and I don't we are still kindred spirits. Happy Birthday Caitlin. Don't be discouraged girl. You are in the prime of your life! Your realizations tell me you are coming into your own.